Network Security - A company's information system is at the core of every business. A network security attack, or even worse a breach, can be devastating to a company.

In addition to lost business and productivity as a result of an attack, the time and labour involved in re-deploying infected servers, desktops and laptops poses a significant expense. A security breach can harm a company's reputation and result in non-compliance with vlient privacy protection laws. IT Easy International Limited can provide an excellent solution to solve the above problems.

● Firewall Setup and Installation ● File Server Access Right Control
● File Encryption ● Email Access Control
● Anti-SPAM Software Installation ● Anti-Virus Software Installation
● Network Access Control ● Internet Access Control




IP Surveillance System

IP Surveillance System - The need for IP Surveillance System has been expanding rapidly and widely adopted throughout public and commerical sectors such as government, retail shops, manufacturing and multiple offices with different sites.

Unlike traditional CCTV, IP Surveillance System provides a centralized management and water mark recording function by simply connecting an IP camera to a network and allow users to login and access and monitor via web browser or 3G anywhere anytime.



CCTV Surveillance System

● IP Surveillance Services 

● Play back captured video by searching keyword or bill number and monitor daily cash flow

● Check everyday traffic with different kinds of analytical reports

● Event trigger alert



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