We cover solutions for LAN (Local Area Network) based users - including multi-site solutions (you may have multiple premises in your business which will allow you tp backup data from computers on one

of your sites to another site and so allow for Disaster Recovery - some businesses backup data to a directors home). We may suggest combinatons of the following technologies among others.

 ● Off-site Backup Service
 ● Network Backup
 ● OneBackup - Remote Data Backup Solution

Data Backup
 ● Virtual Private Network Backup Solution - for secure multisite backup
 ● Internet backup solutions for low cost scale backup
 ● Network Attached Storage(NAS) solutions
 ● Backup Device Setup and Installation including NAS, Tapy, External HD, DVD RW

Backup Services
 ● Backup Planning
 ● Backup and Restore Services

System Backup
 ● Storage Area Networks(SAN) solution
 ● Disk Mirroring(RAID)


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